Monday, July 06, 2009

Working on my Bedroom

For some reason my own bedroom is usually the last one I work on. I am trying to be better about that. So last week I tore into it.

This is the before.

I have no idea why I thought it was such a good idea to put both those big cabinets on that wall. The room has been lopsided ever since.

So I moved them (with the help of my super-mom) to either side of the bed. I hung two of the pictures I had taken in San Francisco over the bed and I like it much better. I also stole the big pillow off of the couch we are not using right now to add more "punch" to the bed.

I like this little corner too. That is the chair William carved by hand. It only took him a couple of years. The framed poster above is the work of his woodworking idol, Sam Maloof. I was trying to remember it is his room too!
My next bedroom project will be a window treatment of some kind but I don't know what that will be yet. Suggestions?


love.boxes said...

That chair William made is soo cool. I love that corner! Great job!

love.boxes said...

Are those the pots you all made in your pottery class?!? Also, great! Did you make that quilt? You guys are kind of amazing!

sws said...

I can't believe all of your "handiwork." It's amazing what one more pillow can do for the bed. Love the chair William built. I'll have to look up Sam Maloof. Thanks for sharing...our room needs help, too.

Christine said...

You just need a chaise longue..then again being a moms we never get to rest soo..Your room is huge! My suggestion would be to add plants or even a potted tree:)
Decorating a room is always fun. H ave a great one Michelle!

Circe said...

Wow! How fun! I love to see your decorating updates. The chair is absolutely amazing! When are we getting together??

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't think I have seen that chair before! It is gorgeous! Way to go William! Your room so looks nice!


vivian said...

I like the new way much better too. wow.. your husband made that chair? very impressive!