Monday, August 31, 2009

The White Barn

I have wanted this picture for a long time. Every time we go to Park City we pass this pretty barn with its flag. Loads of folks have taken its picture, you see them all around Park City and I have always wanted to take my own.

So when we headed up there with my parents to see the Park City Parade of Homes I mentioned how I never got around to having William stop the car so I could snap one. Of course my sweet dad pulled right over. William actually took these, aren't they great?
I think I am going to hang it in my bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for your help today! :)


Circe said...

Love it! BTW, do you know what one of the highlights of my day was? Looking out the window/door and seeing your car! Talking to you for even 30 seconds can brighten anyone's day!

Diane Duda said...

I want to live in my dad's barn someday. It's not quite as grand as this one, but I do.
The horses can stay if they like they'll just have to move over.

vivian said...

yes.. these are gorgeous pictures! Id love to own that barn! think of the possibilities!

love.boxes said...