Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Da Bears

For the last week, as soon as the Halloween costumes were finished I have been occupied by these little buggers. Yes, they may look cute but don't be deceived. They come along and take over your days, or nights really-long, long nights. Brittany's ballet school that puts on the Nutcracker has a boutique at the performances.
I am on the committee and was assigned to make these angel bears. I don't know if it is because it was a craft I did not chose myself but man am I glad these guys are outta here! I am pretty sure my friends and family are glad too, I have complained A LOT about these bears.

So now I am going to go reward myself with yummy potato soup, diet Dr. Pepper and a book.
Then I am going to go take a nap.

See ya bears!


Anonymous said...

Very nice bears! They look like a lot of work! Potato soup sounds yummy!


Janice said...

What book are you reading? Cute bears.

love.boxes said...

Hooray!.. They turned out really cute!

vivian said...

at least you didnt have to make the bears too! though it might be easier to make the bear then the clothing! I'm not too good at making clothes! I think they turned out beautifully! I bet
they sell right out!

vivian said...

michelle, just read your comment adn ran back over to see what I wrote.. then I thought... oh my... did you make the bears too? I has just assumed you didnt.. but thought I should not just assume that!

T's Daily Treasures said...

What sweet little angel bears! Yum! Soup! That's what I'm having for dinner. Happy Thursday to you. :) Tammy

Circe said...

Those bears are way more intricate and beautiful than the angel bear we have. Good job! I might have to buy one of those. I love the boutique!

Camille said...

That potato soup looks really yummy. I've never been able to get mine to turn out and I've tried several recipes. I want it to be smooth and creamy, but instead it's separated, still tastes good... just doesn't look good. I've wondered if I need to use margarine instead of butter. Any ideas?