Monday, October 05, 2009

My Big, Big Boy

This blog is sometimes a place to document my kids achievements, spelling bees, soccer games and such. Today it is Josh's turn. He worked really hard this weekend and I am so proud of him. His big accomplishment? He gave up his Nigh-Night. His pacifier to the rest of the world. I know, he should have been rid of it a long time ago but his mother is a wimp. Friday after I chopped off the ends and explained that the dentist said we have to get rid of them, and that he is such a good big boy I knew he could go to bed without it he climbed into his bed with a quivering lip. When I checked back later he was in there just silently weeping. The saddest thing you have ever seen. But he did it! And he has done it every nap and night since. He will still tell you that it was hard though. See, we can do hard things!


vivian said...

he is soooo adorable! good for you both for giving up the "plug" thats what we called them. two of my kids had them for what seemed like forever.. You know though, I dont remember how we gave them up!
OH! and Im so thrilled about winning your little witch doll!

noodle and lou said...

awwww michelle!!! he is so sweet.
i cried when henry finally gave his up. it really does mean they are getting SO big. they'll still always be our little babies though:)

i cant sew said...

well done joshua! i need to drop claudias bottle was 3 in july, but she is my baby