Friday, October 16, 2009

Want to Come See My Angel?

This is Miss Brittany in the angel costume she will be appearing in for her part in Nutcracker. Isn't she cute? Well if you live in the Davis/Weber county area you can see her live and in person. Seriously, I do love Clytie Adams production of the Nutcracker. It will be at the Browning Center at Weber State College November 19, 20 and 21. Tickets are $6 and $9, I promise you will never find a a better way to kick of the Holiday season for that price. They have fabulous costuming, gorgeous ballerinas and a live orchestra. If you are interested and know me in "real" life give me a call, or shoot me an email but don't wait too long, I have to turn my order in by the 24th. Okay, end of my shameless advertisement!


Natasha Burns said...

oh gosh she is gorgeous!!!
and yes, definitely a candlestick for the base of the cake stand would be fab, great idea!

Circe said...

I love the new angel costumes! Darn, I can't count on you to buy tickets from me anymore!

Anonymous said...

from GOLDA

brittany looks so cute in her angel costume. i love that dance! The only bad thing about being in the nutcracker is that you can't be in the audience to see it! And thanks soooooooo much for the alice costume! it's amazing and it turned out just how i wanted it to.

Angela Harris said...

Beautiful costume!! I bet she felt so beautiful. Now only if we could get these adult size for under $300. They are so expensive!!
She looks so pretty :)