Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Best Christmas Ever

We say that every year. But they really do just get more and more fun every year. I live in fear of the year that the kids don't want toys anymore.
But it definitely wasn't this year!
Santa was really good to us this year, everyone got just what they wanted. Plus Santa helped us into the technological age and we received a Wii. So far I am a fan, it enabled me to have a nap yesterday, so I could I help but like it?
I am so afraid this might be our last year with Thomas. I love Thomas the Train. Because I love scenes like this one. My crafty boy finally got the Bendaroos he has been wanting for the last year.
And Brittany keeps creating gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown.
But the big surprise was the awesome project Dad created for Matthew with the license plates we have been gathering. This is a really crummy picture but I love their faces. I will post better ones later.


Sarah Smiles said...


Jennie said...

That chest turned out so great. I love the license plate idea. The entire room is going to look so great. We know a thing or two about moving heavy furniture. It is always fun. I am great at volunteering my husband and his brother if you need them. :)

Christiine A. said...

That is such a cool cabinet~I love that it lights up(high five there to your husband)!
The kids look happy with their gifts and the dress your daughter made looks "haute couture"~wow!
Santa was good to us too...and yes so many toys, but hey you're only a kid once so that's my "rational".