Monday, December 14, 2009

A Mouse in the House

It is candy making week. Yesterday I made our favorite mint fudge, green fudge as it is known. The recipe is here.

Unfortunately this is what it looked like after I came home from taking Brittany to ballet. Apparently we were visited by a little mouse while Dad was out in the shop.

Meet our mouse. Cute isn't he? Let's just say it is a good thing he is cute or you could look for him on Ebay.

If you need a laugh as badly as I did go over here to my friend Circe's blog. Guaranteed giggle.


Janice said...

We say that all the time in our house. Toothsome #4 have broken about 1/2 of my people in my Christmas village this year.

Sarah Smiles said...

I would like to be a mouse at your house! Yum!

Circe said...

You are funny. I love all your little mice. And thanks for laughing at my blog. Oh...that reminds's 4 parties, not 3! Can't wait until tomorrow!!