Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tiny Baby Jesus-A Tutorial

My mom and I decided to make tiny little baby Jesus dolls for our sunbeams, the class of three year-olds we each teach at church. They turned out so cute I thought I would post a quick tutorial in case any one is crazy like me and still taking on projects. Plus next year when I can't remember how I did I can look it up.
First I made a little template that fit in my "manger" which was found at Michael.

Then I traced it 15 times, that is how many we needed. Then I sewed right on top of the line. Cut them out about 1/4" away from the stitching.

Turn and stuff. They look like a bunch of severed fingers don't they?
Then I used a square of white flannel for the swaddling. Fold down the top corner. Wrap around his head. Anchor with hot glue.

Fold up the bottom.
Fold one side in. More hot glue.

Wrap the last side around and even more hot glue.

I used a sharpie for the faces. Why do this many in a row just look so cute to me?


Queen Elizabeth said...

Those are adorable. What are the little baskets they're in? What I want for Christmas: some of your energy and know-how. I'll take any you can give!

Sarah Smiles said...


Sarah Smiles said...

I'll take a bunch! Oh are you selling them? ;)

Circe said...

It looks like a baby Jesus orphanage. That's not sacrilegious, is it? I love them! I came to Ginghamworld to steal a picture of Temple Square because I forgot my camera and I know you were there! But you haven't posted any pics! Too busy starting new Christmas projects!?

Anonymous said...

those are soooooo cute, i bet the sunbeams loved them. you are such a great craftmaker! Love, golda

Carol said...

These are adorable.