Monday, January 04, 2010

Goodbye 2009

I have noticed other bloggers bid farewell to the old year in pictures. Well, my kids are back in school today, the Christmas decorations are put away and the washing machine is doing its best to catch up. So I have a minute to bid farewell to the old year, if only for my own benefit. I think I may do this every year. It was fun to look through the files of pictures from this last year and see all of the fun we have had, things we have done and places we have gone. Here are a few of my favorites; fishing in the mountains, spelling bees, class reunions, soccer in the cold, our wonderful new house with its fabulous yard, vacation with the Butlers at Bear Lake, Nutcracker, sledding, another great Halloween, vintage looking pictures with cousins, and a new family picture that was almost fun to take. I hope that 2010 is just as great as 2009 was!


vivian said...

Happy new year Michelle! I havent even begun to think about taking my christmas stuff down. and Im thinking that your sweet doll is going to have to stay out all year I just dont want to stick her in a bin for a whole year!

Carol said...

The picture collage is so nice. You are multi-talented and I'm so glad we're back in touch. Happy New Year!