Thursday, June 30, 2011


Guess who turns twelve today?! Yep, Miss Brittany!

Love this picture, Brittany and a book. That is our girl. So very smart, and funny. Our little perfectionist who always gets great results for her efforts. She is super responsible and always looks out for her brothers, whether they like it or not!

She is doing really well with her violin. There isn't really any new talent or interest Brittany isn't willing to tackle!

Yep, that is our girl. So glad she is ours!


Circe said...

Happy birthday! We love you, Brittany!

Queen Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful mix of you and William. Keep up the good work!

Lexie said...

She's so pretty. happy Birthday Brittany :)

love.boxes said...

What beautiful photos! You look so pretty Brittany! Happy Birthday!

Davis Doings said...

What a beautiful young woman! Happy Birthday Brittany!