Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chalk Artists

We went to the chalk festival in Salt Lake today. It was the first time we have gone that it hasn't been raining, which is a factor if you are trying to create art with chalk. It was so fun and of course the kids got all inspired and hit the driveway as soon as we got home to try out their skills.

First up was Donald Duck

I am willing to go buy more chalk as soon as they run out if it will buy me more afternoons of them working together relatively peacefully for an afternoon. There was a wading pool in action this afternoon, which is why everyone is in a swim suit.

Of course Donald needed his girlfriend Daisy, Brittany's favorite.

You can't have those two without Mickey, Minne never made it though.

This one is harder t see, it is the stars of Tangled. Matthew is disgusted that the age requirement to participate in the Salt Lake Chalk festival is twelve. I think they could definitely compete!


Amanda said...

Wow those are so cute! I so wanted to go to SLC and see those...dang I wish my brain would remember things haha!

Circe said...

YOUR KIDS ARE AMAZING! That is some really good art!!!

Monica M said...

wow those are so cute!!!!

vivian said...

what fun! someone is a budding artist there huh? theyre doing a great job on the disney charactors! I used to love to chalk on the sidewalks when I was little, and so did my kids.. its timeless fun!
Hope you had a nice fathers day with the special fathers in your life!

Sarah Smiles said...

Impressive artwork!