Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Ideas

I am working on a list of things for to do during the Summer when we are not lazying away the day at Cherry Hill. Thought I would share.

1. Visit Michaels Craft Store and let each kid pick out a project. They had lots of little wood kits under three dollars, a lot for just a dollar.

2. Visit BYU for one of our field trips. William and I are both alumni and yet our kids are completely unfamiliar with the school.

3. Go to the thrift store and let each kid spend three dollars anyway they want.

4. Have art day and paint canvases-the canvas covered cardboard ones are really cheap at Wal-mart.

5. Once at our house in California I let the kids fish in the backyard. Posted it here. I am considering doing it again.
6. I think we will do hot rocks again.

7. We will definitely be having an art day with my nieces.

8. This marble launcher looks fun.

9. Tye-died cupcakes. Or maybe just a cupcake making day. The rainbow cupcakes were fun too.

10. This is the Place Heritage Park.

11. I signed up for the free bowling at Orchard Lanes here.

12. Trying to decide if I am brave enough to try these Marshmallow guns here.

What are you doing for fun this Summer?


Amanda said...

Wow that list looks super fun!

We like to have Playdoh contests. We make Koolaid Playdoh (smells so yummy) and then play who can create the best _____. The kids always love this!

I think we really should do the weekly park rotation. Picnics at a different park each week! Party on!

Painting rocks looks super fun! Might have to steal that one!

love.boxes said...

We always visit the Church History Museum (free) and take photos in the garden at temple square. Then, (and this is the best part) we get a treat at the Lion House Pantry!
We also do the BYU MOA (free) The Natural History Museum ( up at the U. not free, but discounts available Mondays I think)
This year I want to make the trek to Springville too.
When I have the nephews, we take them to see the planes at Hill AFB.