Monday, July 11, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

Last week was our annual family trip to Bear Lake. We look forward to this one all year. I don't think I have mentioned lately that we got a new vehicle around Christmas. It amuses me that I love this car as much as I do. This is why, Smiles! Actual smiles in the car. For the record we were waiting for the Dad to
come out of a store, that is why Josh is not wearing a seat belt.

We stopped in Brigham City to check on the new temple. Amazing!

The first day at the beach we got busy with the sand. I have to say my family really excels at sand castle/sculpture building. We Rock! Well, Uncle Nate, William, and the kids rock. Tiff and I supervise with a little help from Mom.

The other important activity is Wave running. Even Josh was into it this year. Brittany achieved her goal of making me scream while she was driving. Visions of the future.

Brittany found this rock that sat just under the surface of the water, making it look like you were walking on water.

Everybody had to get out there with Grandpa to try it.

Abby was cold so the amazing resourceful Grandma made a warming tent out of her chair.

Most of the Grown-ups

Grandma's one request was that we bring the kids to this cool field of poppies for a picture. Glad we did!

End of the trip! The group on our way out, minus Aunt Christy who made a stop and Oma, Opa and a couple of cousins who hooked up with us too. It was such a fun trip, than thanks to Grandpa and Grandma!


Sarah Smiles said...

How fun! Nice pictures!

Janice said...

I LOVE vacations like this.

Amanda said...

So fun! I LOVE LOVE Bear Lake! All sorts of cute pics :)