Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ready for the Fourth

We are ready for the Fourth of July! I have meant to do this post and share it on some of the crafty blogs earlier so there might be an idea or two I could share but I was ambushed by birthdays. This is my mantel. I love it. My mom came and helped arrange it. She is so good. My favorite thing this year is that flag. It came from the dollar store I think, or Michaels. It was one of those on a stick. I cut the stick off. Then I cut a piece of canvas fabric the same size as the back of the frame which I hot glued to the back of the frame. then I hot glued the flag with tiny dots of hot glue. Then put it all back together in the frame. Which used to be gold before I spray painted it. I also already had the frame from a family picture making the total cost of my new favorite flag picture about $3. Oh, I do love the stars I stuck in glass coke bottles up there too.

This is the baby version I made for a friend. It was made with an x10 frame and one of those tiny flags on a stick.

I decided I needed a new patriotic wreath too.

Which spiraled into a little patriotic vignette on the porch. I know, I have problems.

Forgive the morning sun, but here is the whole thing from the front yard.

Hope you all have a marvelous Fourth of July!


love.boxes said...

You have a GREAT problem! I love it all!! Thanks for making some for me too. I'm so happy that I'm all decorated up. I told C that it stays up all summer :)

sws said...

You are such an inspiration! I appreciate all the fun you add to all our lives with your enthusiasm for decorating and crafts. I agree with Tif - It's a problem we all need! Everything turned out darling.

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