Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lego Land

My house has turned into Legoland without the rides this Summer. Every morning I get up to a family room floor covered in the things. But my boys let me sleep in. I go to the grocery store and come back to Legoland. But I don't have to take them with me. So I guess it is a fair trade off. I keep telling myself creativity is messy. The latest craze it to set them up on my rock fireplace as if they were mountain climbers. I am going to miss this stage at some point I know.


sws said...

We are right there with you! All of my kids are into Lego's right now. Mainly HP legos - I'm just trying to keep Annie from choking on one. I love that they are rock climbing.

Sarah Smiles said...

Awesome! I love the creativity! That is so cool!