Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School 2011

Well they made it! They all survived! The first day was great. Everyone loved their teachers. More importantly I survived sending my first-born to Junior High. My anxiety outweighed my horror at being this old. She didn't get lost, forget where her locker was/combination, found friends to eat lunch with and no one was mean. Let's hope it continues! She is absolutely in her element and seems in love with the whole junior high experience. And I am so glad!

Josh got to met his teacher today. I must be doing something right because of all the amazing blessings I could come up with, having Josh get Mrs. Graham is more than I could imagine. She is also Wendy Graham who lived in my neighborhood growing up and was one of my very favorite leaders in Young Women. So instead of being anxious about his first school experience I was not worried in the least. Wendy is wonderful, and so he is going to have a great kindergarten year!

Thank heaven Matthew got just the teacher he wanted with best friend so I had nothing to worry about with him!

Welcome New School Year, we are ready for you!

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sws said...

I just have to say, Brittany looks STUNNING! And does Josh only have 5 kids in his class? Can I go to your school?