Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Best Stay-cation Ever!

These are our fabulous friends the Bowers. They provided us with an amazing vacation last week that was only 30 minutes away. It is one of those perfect situations were all four of us are good friends. Bryon and I grew up together and he was the big brother I didn't have. He and William were buddies all through high school. Earlier this year our friends the Bowers called and invited us to stay with them at the family condo up at Pineview. Last week was the week we had waited for. It was especially exciting because the Bowers live in Wisconsin and we usually only get to see them for dinner. A rare picture of me on the blog! Amy and I screamed and laughed so hard I was exhausted when we were were done. Amy and my family were friends growing up and we became really great friends as we dated William and Bryon who were friends and then we went to BYU together.

Matthew and Adri decided they didn't like being splashed in the face so they wore their goggles.

Josh was a little cautious but still liked the tube.

Amanda, Matthew, Brittany and Adri holding on for dear life.

Brittany even tried wake-boarding. She got up a little farther but my camera wasn't fast enough.

Look at that happy face! The whole trip would have been worth it just to see William having this much fun. He and Bryon have been friends a long time and it was fun to see them horsing around giving each other a hard time. And try to knock each other off the tube.

Tube surfing!

The two Joshuas! This little guys was so cute I wanted to eat him with a spoon!

We promised not to tell but Matthew really had a great time with tomboy Adri. They are geared up here for water battle. We had such a great time! Thank you Bowers!


Sarah Smiles said...

Looks fun! Great pictures!

vivian said...

looks like you all had a great time! Love that water rafty tube thingy! wow! perfect for tubing! makes me want to go to the lake right now! I havent been getting much lake time in this summer... boo hoo!
have a great week

love.boxes said...

How fun!