Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girl's Lunch Recipes

I hosted lunch for my girlfriend yesterday. Tried some new recipes from Melskitchencafe. Love her. Had to post them here so I don't forget them. And they turned out pretty good and some of the gang wanted them. This was a Vegetarian Lasagna, I chose it because I could use loads of veggies from my garden in it. I was using a spicy marinara sauce by Barilla but decided it might be too spicy so I finished with just a regular marinara sauce (both from a jar). Oh, and I didn't put it on a cookie sheet to bake like she recommended and now my oven is a mess so do that.

Blueberry fool. Still don't know why it was called that but personally it was my favorite part of the meal.

The food was okay, but I was so happy to be back with my girls after a whole Summer of not getting together that we could have eaten cold cereal and I would have been happy!


Circe said...

Yes, cold cereal would have done just fine, but your meal was much more satisfying! I'm craving the Blueberry Fool!

Jennie said...

What do you mean the food was okay? It was divine! Thanks so much for hosting us. Can't wait until next week.

sws said...

Thanks for letting me know what sauce you used and for posting these. It was really delicious and always so lovely to be in your home.