Monday, August 15, 2011

The Help

Today was the day I have been waiting for. I got to go to the movie The Help. One of my favorite books last year, I have been excited but nervous that they might ruin it. They didn't. It was great! The casting was perfect. Skeeter wasn't quite the way I pictured her, I think she was better. The maids Minnie and Abelienne were perfect. Perhaps best of all was Hilly, the villain. Who knew Ron Howard (aka Opie)'s daughter could be so evil? She was, she was perfectly awful. Made me grateful for my kind, lovely friends. But let's talk about the clothes. Loved them! I did mention to Brittany I felt like I should dress up to attend this movie. Sort of like the Harry Potter fans do. I still feel bad I didn't at least amp up my hairspray use and add a headband. Seriously, it was the kind of movie I love. Set in another time period which is always fun but wonderfully thoughtful. There were times I was embarrassed to be a white person, even though the events portrayed happened before I was even born. It also made me proud to be a human being, especially a woman. The maids who tell the stories are so courageous and also share a certain sisterhood. Beautiful movie, based on a wonderful book!

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Michelle- I saw it this weekend, too, and want to go see it again as soon as possible! LOVED it! It's rare that a movie can live up to the book but this one certainly did! I agree, Hilly was perfection and Abilene and Minnie were fabulous! They were cast so well! I thought Skeeter's hair would be worse, but the girl that played her was darling.:) No problem. She nailed the role! The end did me in, just like in the book. sigh... Bring on the Kleenex! Lori