Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ready for Halloween

After we got home from the cruise and I finally got caught up on the huge mounds of laundry that we created I hurried to get our Halloween decorations up. Since they are going to be up a week and half less than usual I thought I would document them, just to make myself feel like the effort wasn't wasted.
Front door. The kids added spider-webs of course. I added a new wreath this year.
Also added the purple sign I found on good old pinterest that says, "A witch and her monsters live here". More appropriate on some days than other.
The new wreath. I think I found it on pinterest. Just a simple straw wreath I wrapped in sheets I tore into strips an then wrapped.  Stretched spider-webs and then hot glued spiders. I like how it shows up against my door.
And finally the mantel. Since there was a new wreath for the front door the old one could come inside. That is supposed to be a pumpkin on the silver candle holder but I forgot to add the stem. Hopefully I will get to it before Halloween!
Now if only the costumes were ready!


Circe said...

Gorgeous! You house is such a fun place!

Janice said...

Looks so lovely.