Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

 The Dad has been gone all week. It was a looong week. But he came home last night and today was crammed full of fun to make up for it. After going out for a late birthday lunch, I love when my birthday lasts a long time, and after the kids were all home we managed to tackle this year's pumpkins. I think I have ruined my family. Somehow I have become the scooper of guts. Yes, I scooped four pumpkins. I decided I would rather scoop one less than carve my own. Ugh I hate pumpkin guts. Not as much as my family apparently.
 Matthew's finished pumpkin. So appropriate given he is still wearing his BYU  jersey and they even won today!
 Bittany's was like a little Danish villiage. That is a windmill, sun and little houses. Creative girl.
Who taught this kid to pose? Seriously I think he thinks he has a future with GQ. Josh always wants the littlest pumpkin. That is why he is my favorite child when I am scooping pumpkins. Hard to tell but he wanted his to look like a puppy. It tried.
As much as I hate scooping guts this really is a fun family tradition. I am still trying to talk them into  painting them next year!


vivian said...

oh yes.. those were the days! As much as a halloween freak as i am, I dont think I'm carving one this year. that doesnt mean I dont have any pumpkins, I have about 20 of them. but I think I will leave them intact. Of course if I had little children at home.. they would all get carved!
such fun!!
Happy Sunday and happy Halloween!

Circe said...

Who carves a Danish village on their pumpkin? The Fitz kids are so creative! My friend did a great craft that you would probably love. Decoupage orange napkins on the inside of jars, paint a face in black and put a tea light in it. I want to do it! But of course, nothing replaces the guts and sharp knives. We have to suffer for our traditions! Fortunately, my kids carved theirs while we were out of town. Darn! :)

Sarah Smiles said...

FUN! So Creative, Nice Job!