Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pirate Night

One night on our cruise was Pirate Night. Of course our resident researcher, Miss Brittany, knew this and made sure we were all outfitted appropriately.

Brittany and Libby, sporting a dashing moustache.
Josh, with is handmade hat, patch and hook.
Our wonderful wait staff, Carlo, Ronald and Arman in their pirate gear.
I Pirate night came right after Sea World so Arman made the ketchup that night into a dolphin.
Carlo used Grandpa's hand to do magic.
All of our fierce pirates with Carlo.
Later that night there was a pirate party up on deck. Goofy and Minne were really getting down.
Brittany and Libby danced their little hearts out.
We old folk were having fun too.
Josh and Abby doing their version of the tango.
Toward the end of the evening Captain Hook showed up and tried to ruin the party. Luckily when we looked up we saw Mickey coming to the rescue on a zip line! Then there were fireworks at sea. Such a great night!


sws said...

I love following along with your cruise - what fabulous family time and memories. Thanks for sharing.

Jennie said...

Love all the pics. It looks like an amazing trip. Although, when I look at the pics, I can't help but think... "I wonder if I would have been sick during that part?" :) Ahhh.... sea sickness. I'm trying to not let it ruin my viewing of your pics. :) Do you think I'm obsessed? :)

Mystique said...

Matthew's tortured faces make me smile, Brittany's just amazing, Josh is too darn cute! Looks like it was an awesome trip!