Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am so Lucky!
I have a very talented husband, long before he started developing his pottery talents he was a woodworker. His family owned an older house and spent most of his growing up years remodeling it. As the oldest child he helped his Dad a lot and therefore is a very good handyman. But his real love is for wood. Before we were even married he started making me things, jewerly boxes mostly and frames for pictures. And he has never stopped. The steel plant he manages closes every year at Christmas for almost two weeks and he usually uses the time to create something. This is always very exciting, he always does beautiful work. Only problem is he does not take requests. He has to get all inspired in his own head and then he is off. Luckily I have never disliked anything he has ever made! So I decided to showcase a few of my favorite things he has created this morning. Funny I don't think I realized how many pieces he has made for us until I started looking around to photo some. This is why the local furniture store rarely sees us I guess! See how lucky I am! The walnut chair took several years as he pretty much carved and sanded the whole thing. He did our mantel in our living room after he remodeled the room and the entertainment unit was this Christmas's adddition--after 10 years of begging( see what I mean about his own time-table--but it is always worth the wait!)

These are some of the things he has done for the kids. The playhouse started out as a window seat and he just sort of got carried away. The shelves in the boys room became a home for the legos Hubby likes to do as a stress-relief when there is no time for wood. Great,but they were taking over our room and it was like having a ten year old boy for a roommate. This is much better!


love.boxes said...

All lovely. Great job W.

Sarah Smiles said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,W. You are truly amazingly talented just like your wife. They are all so gorgeous! I am so impressed with you! Yes, Michelle you are so spoiled! What a beautiful home you have!