Thursday, April 12, 2007

My life is all about SLEEP!

I realize after reading yesterday's post how out of it sleep deprivation makes me. I swear I think I would probably be more reliable on drugs. Mr. Joshua, pictured above, and much more angelic than he has been the last couple of days, has been on a mission to wake me at least every 1-2 hours all night long for the last couple of nights. Knowing he didn't feel well I cut him some slack but thank heavens last night was much better because I don't know if we were going to make it around here much longer under those circumstances. Mommy was getting mean and stupid! So now that I feel like a human again let me correct yesterday's mistakes. The listings at etsy aren't going to expire, who knows where I got that, but I am still glad I put those things on sale, they need to move it. More importantly the artist of the pretty birds is Jennifer Kerr and you can see her shop here. And you should she has lovely things. So, I am wishing you all a great day and lots of good sleep tonight!

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love.boxes said...

That Josh is a cutie! I am glad that you finally got some rest. It was starting to sound pretty tough over there. :)