Monday, April 23, 2007

Mother's day is coming! I think this is a great idea from Martha. I think I will do it for Mother's Day. Do the rest of you have this problem? We are now moms and so would like to enjoy our own day, but we still want to provide our own moms with a special day. Now I know ideally the men would all just magically pitch right in and do it all for us but let's face it that is just not going to happen at my house. My hubby does pretty well on my behalf but extending to the mom's-in-law, well, not going to happen. So, I think this is a great idea because it makes dinner look special but the men can clean up because all they need is a garbage can!

P.S. Instructions: Cut around an ordinary white paper plate with scallop scissors and then go nuts with different punches to create a pattern. Place a colored plate beneath for contrast or reverse.


love.boxes said...

I love that idea. It's so pretty.

Vanessa V said...

That green tenty thing below is incredible, I want it!!!! And I am 30 and I should not want it, but I do.. hee hee......

Oh, I told my mom she should come here (1 hour from where she lives) for Mom's day, and she goes "Helllooooo, I have a mom too, I have my own duties." So, I guess it will be another year where she hears "Happy Mother's day" but delves into the happenings for her own mom's day. Which is okay, as my grandmother is amazing..... xxo,V

Love the plates idea. I want to do it just for fun!

liz said...

hi!! glad you saw our new blog- I was thinking of you and hoped you were reading. ;-)

We are working on posting about bread/ biscuits for you (you were the one who asked me about that, right?).

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I appreciate it and was so glad to then find your wonderful blog! WOW! Great ideas and I also checked out your etsy shop. Definitely going to have to take a look. You have some wonderful things. So nice to "meet" you and will definitely be visiting often.

love.boxes said...

Wow! It's a bright happy yellow here today!

Anonymous said...


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