Thursday, May 24, 2007

Amazing, how a nice day of painting makes me a nicer person! Baby took a nice long nap and his big brother had friends to play so I got to play too! I have decided that ability has nothing to do with my joy in painting. Even if it just went right into a closet I think I would still do this, it is just so good for my peace of mind! Those are my attempt at atc cards below, I have joined a swap and have never tried them before. I made them on watercolor paper. I hope they are okay. I am really excited to send them and see what I get in return. I worked on some more little canvases and more magnets. I think I will try the magnets in the shop. Hope to get some over there today. Boy it was fun!


love.boxes said...

those turned out so darling!

kazzytextiles said...

hi michelle, beautifully bright and colourful- there's such a warm glow about your arts and crafts.
i love the fridge jewels- how fabulous!!

x x kazzy x x

Natasha Burns said...

Too cute Michelle! Can I be your swap partner?!!! Your ATCs turned out great!

Suzanne said...

Hi Michelle...thanks for signing up for the giveaway! (I've posted photos now, so come on over and see!)

This project looks so sweet and Fun!..and your fridge magnets are beautiful! So nice to meet you.