Thursday, May 03, 2007

Okay, I have been tagged to come up with 7 weird things about me. So here goes.
1. I really hate cutting raw meat. This has improved as I have done it more and more, but if I can get hubby to do it I will.
2. I have mutant feet, according to my family particularly my sister. I can spread my big toe and little toe and grab things. I used to torture my sister this way, she would call it the claw and I could have her cowering in a corner just by pointing one at her. Seem to recall a few roommates that felt the same. My husband claims that Joshua is showing this same trait.
3. I have loved dolls from the time I was little and cannot shake they need for more. Luckily I do have a daughter as an excuse for buy them, but we all know they are really in the house because I like them.
4. I was afraid to have boys. I mean really afraid. I have no brothers and so I have just really been terrified that I would not know what to do with boys. I have to admit there have been a few times(potty training) I have had to consult with friends but so far I think we are doing okay.
5. It is virtually impossible for me to eat a piece of chocolate without a glass of milk, I mean I would really rather not even bother. If I absolutely can't get milk then water is the bare minimum.
6.I read while doing lots of my daily chores. I have done this practically since I learned to read. I prop up books while I unload the dishwasher, eat lunch, chop veggies, fold laundry. I'm not sure whether this will foster a love of reading in my kids or whether they will become weird too.
7.I cannot leave the house without at least mascara on. I honestly don't think it is a vanity issue anymore, I have blond eyelashes and I just look too weird. Even my four year old will tell me I need to fix my eyes.
There, I did it! And have probably revealed way too much of my truly weird self!


Natasha Burns said...

Great stuff Michelle! Love the fact that you read while doing things! Hope you don't read while driving!!!!

love.boxes said...

I didn't know about that mascara thing and I've known you since you we were 5. That's me too though. I love your obsession with reading though because your great for recommending a great book.

Janice said...

I have transparent eyelashes too.

Vanessa said...

Oh sweet girl...You have no idea what weird is... ;) You are not weird....You are wonderful! (okay, maybe a little funny, but never weird.. hee hee)

camille said...

That was fun to read Michelle... I don't find any of it weird, that kind of stuff just makes us interesting!