Friday, May 11, 2007

Sheer perseverance!!

Okay, I really need to tell y'all why things have been so crazy around here and why I haven't gotten to visit blog-land(that't how I think of it) much this week, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow because I have to tell you about my super determined birds. This is the fourth year of the determined bird syndrome at our house. For at least four years now these little sparrows try to adopt us. Now they build nests everywhere, the trees of course, the barbeque grill(you would think they would realize this is a little dangerous), the dryer vent and anywhere else they can think of. But without fail they always try my wreath on the front door. I thought we were maybe going to escape this year because I thought the usually have started by now. But yesterday I noticed the tell-tale signs( a mess everytime you open the front door). And sure enough they are back. Now I really like the wreath on my front door and don't really desire the addition of a nest to it so I usually remove it for a few days and they take the hint and move on. But yesterday I could see this little lady and she looke so cute through the window I just didn't have the heart so I guess persistence does pay off. Although I can't promise she will go unbothered indefinitely. But isn't she cute?


kazzytextiles said...

awwww thats sweet michelle, a little tweety bird....she must feel the warmth of your home...she must feel safe and secure with you.

a little story...true!
a litle tweety stayed with my family one was a house martin...sadly a cat got to the nest and he was left laying helplessly in the road...just a chick with hardly any dad rescued him. me and my twin sister were about 12 and we spent the whole summer break caring for him...feeding him flies and maggots...he would snuggle up in our pockets...we taught him to fly...we loved him dearly....but one day after comming home from the corner shop we noticed he'd got his head stuck in a hole in the box we kept him in...he had died....we cried and cried as we had got soooooo attached to this little house martin chick....i have a little photo of least he had a happy life before his traggic end...
didnt mean to sound so morbid...but your sweet story reminded me of my little tweety.

Enjoy your little feathered friend x x x kazzy x x x x

love.boxes said...

Fun story Michelle. I hope they do find somewhere safer to stay. :)

Andrew said...

Nature is indefatigable isn't it? Very nice poignant picture. Take care.

Andrew in Alabama
The 4th Avenue Blues

Vanessa V said...

I could have sworn I left a comment below???? WHA??? Oh well, I am just glad you loved it!!!!As for the bird.. Hmm, dunno....Rememeber that movie? The birds??? Just be careful, be really really careful!! heeheee...xxo,V

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

How sweet!

I hope that you get to take a break and relax today! ((((hugs)))