Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Loved this!!!

This is absolutely a lazy-girl post as I am not only featuring my friend Tiffany's recipe but using her picture too. We made this yesterday and it was so delicious! You gotta understand how exciting it was for us to have chicken enchiladas that were made without tomato sauce, which is still good, but I like them better with a sauce that involves sour cream. We haven't had them this way in literally years because most recipes use cream of soups and they are not gluten free. Thanks Tiff!


kazzytextiles said...

ummmmmmmmmm yummmmmmy!!!!.
looks delicious michelle,
awwww really love tiffany's blog too. And your's is fabulous!!! so glad u came to visit me...its great having another wonderful blog to visit- your's is so fun!.
yes the bricks in my cottage are a hundred years old at least!! look hickledy-pickledy dont they?.

be back again,

x x x xx kazzy x x x xx x x

love.boxes said...

I am so glad that you like them. It was Jenni's idea to post that recipe however. She's the best!