Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Being Thankful

I have decided in the spirit of this month when we take a little extra time to think of all we are blessed with that I would start paying attention to some of the things I am thankful for and posting them. This is an exercise for me more than you, my lovely visitor. I have to admit that ownership of a house many miles away, which is stalling our ability to find the next one tends to get to me occasionally. But on the scale of life challenges it still ranks pretty low, I would definitely chose to be a little stuck than to deal with some of the things I see people around me handle with grace. So I thought the process of thinking, photographing and posting my blessing would be very healthy for me. I want to pay attention to my little blessings as well as my big ones too.
Here is the first one. I love being back with my mountains!! Just look at them dusted with fresh snow! And this isn't even a great picture, I just stood out on my mom's back patio and shot. The area were we lived in California was pretty but if you wanted to see something like this you had to drive. I love that I see the mountains on my way to school, the grocery store, everywhere! What are you grateful for today?


Sarah Smiles said...

I love being able to enjoy the mountains as well. That is a good one. I realized that I have never been without them. I think I could see mountains when I was going to school in Idaho. Wow, I should be able to remember for sure.

Jenn said...

What a pretty photo Michelle! Love your fall banner too:)

i cant sew said...

oh my that is breathtaking. how lucky your are indeed! one red robin just did a week of happy days and it was so refreshing to remind ourselves of all that we have that makes us so happy.
i love counting down until our holiday at the beach 4 weeks and 2 days!! that makes me very happy. xx

Circe said...

I know those mountians well. That shot looks so familiar, but farther away than I 'm used to being from our mountains. I'm thankful for friends that will always be there and kids who act nice at school. BTW, I told Sarah to sign B up ans she said she'd hold her spot and wait to hear from you. Another girl tried to take B's spot today! :)

sws said...

I, too, love the mountains.....I don't think I take them for granted as much anymore...great post. Gets me thinking!