Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Thankfulness!

I have the prettiest drive to take the kids to school these days. The other morning it was so clear and crisp and blue I had to take some pictures on the way.
I am so grateful to be back to scenes like this. That is the range of mountains to the west of us, versus the Wasatch to the east. You can't see them as easily, lots of houses now in lots of places. But I am so glad I get to see this! (And I didn't alter the picture at all--I'm not that skilled!)
These are the mountains to the east. Just such beeeauuutiful mornings around here lately!
Then there are these beautiful faces! I can't even put in words how grateful I am that the kids are so happy at their new school. Being able to come back to familiar friends made all the difference in the world!
I want to do a dance every time I pass a gas station these days! I never thought I would see these numbers again! Hey, anybody want to go for a drive? It is so much more fun when gas is cheaper!
See, I am so blessed!


Circe said...

Everything is beautiful, you're right. I love the gas prices! It's unbelievable. Sometimes when I drive past a gas station now, I think, "That's so cheap, I should get gas. Darn! The tank is still full!" How amazing is that?!?

Blackeyedsue said...

LOVE this post!

Hey! I think we totally live in the same area. Why did I think you were in happy valley?

Sarah Smiles said...

Very nice!

Du Buh Du Designs said...

That first picture looks just like the area north of Bend! Hope you are adjusting to your life in Utah:)

bumblebird said...

What a serene place to live...I miss the dusting of snow on the mountain tops. I will just have to visit your world more often :) Enjoy!

love.boxes said...

I saw $1.75 yesterday... can you believe it?!?!