Monday, November 17, 2008

A Perfectly Perfect Day!

This weekend we finally managed to get up to visit William's parents in their mountain retreat in Idaho. It really does feel like that. I don't know if it is because they pretty much stopped whatever they were doing to have fun with us, the gorgeous scenery, Oma's yummy cooking, or just the fun of going somewhere different, but it really was practically perfect.
This is my favorite view from the treehouse the kids love to play in.

The view from the back of the house, even after the Fall colors have fallen I still love it.

Joshua loves "porch cat". Cats in the country don't get real names I guess, they have a job to do. Opa sometimes thinks the "cool kitty" as Joshua calls him, spends too much time on the porch and not enough earning his keep so he is called porch cat. And yes, I realize it is a miracle Joshua didn't get his cut little self scratched for bother poor
Porch Cat.

Matthew's favorite part of any visit is riding the four wheeler with Opa. After insisted "me ride wheeler too!" he got to have a ride too. I have an inherent dread of four-wheelers, fed by my ever-present fear of something happening to my kids, but Opa is always really careful and they ride in the field where no one else can bother them.

Opa dug out this really cool scooter too. It used to be William's sister's. I have never seen one like it but is sure was fun going down the gravel hill!

See what I mean, a perfect day! The weather was perfect, the food Oma made special for us was so yummy and lots of fun was had by all!


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

What a wonderful place! I would definitely never want to leave.

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Sarah Smiles said...

How nice! We need to have our own retreat at Oma and Opa's!