Saturday, November 29, 2008

Handmade for Christmas

So did everyone have a great Black Friday? What is it about being out in the wee hours of the morning (night?) without my kids hunting bargins that is just so much fun?! I had a great time although I was done and back home before my family was even out of bed. My sister however, takes it to a whole other level and didn't stop until late afternoon. It was so fun to check on her craziness on cell phones throughout the day!
So in the spirit of kicking off the holiday shopping season I am displaying the Handmade pledge logo. I love making things for Christmas, have since I was a little girl. There is something about a handmade gift that just expresses love. I hope the people I give things to feel the same way! Now I am not completely committed I guess, I mean there are just some things I just can't make. Ever try to make a Lego? But I try to give my kids at least one handmade item every Christmas, other folks on my list get handmade too sometimes. I know not everyone enjoys making things like I do, so I thought I would start spotlighting a few of my favorite artists and crafters here at least once a week until Christmas.

My absolute favorite. I know I am biased, having enjoyed this girl's friendship most of my life but you will not believe the treasure you receive if you order someone you love a lovebox. They come in the prettiest little bags and if you really want to make someone feel loved splurge for the extra gift wrap.

Noodle and Lou
I found Jenn awhile ago in blogland and I am so glad I did. Her art is so amazing, I have a few pieces and just adore them. She has cards and darling prints in her etsy shop and sometimes even the most precious ornaments and tiny houses. She also has a cafepress shop that can supply you with darling bags, aprons, mugs and such.
I hope you enjoy my picks, check out their shops and if you have any favorites let me know!


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Michelle! It's been a while but i am back home again now.
What a great idea, buying or making something for your kids to go with the stuff we can't make like lego (ah, yes, i won't try making that one!)

sws said...

Good post Michelle! I agree that Tiff's boxes are wonderful! We just put out our Christmas ones...but your dolls are also, here's to my crafty friends! I love the idea of home-made gifts...or at least supporting those with the skillzz.

Jenn said...

thanks again Michelle:) You are so sweet for mentioning my wee shop:):) Hooray for Handmade and Hooray for sweet blog friends like you!!! xoxox...jenn

love.boxes said...

You are so kind Michelle. Thanks so much!