Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Banner

Not a lot of blogging this week because I have been too busy crafting! It sure has been fun! This a banner I made for a friend having a birthday this month. I wish I could photograph her whole house. I love having lunch there, it makes me feel like I have journeyed back in time to a simpler, more colorful period of time-the 50's and 60's. So when I found these images of vintage birthday cards I couldn't resist making her a banner to put up when her family celebrates birthdays.

Here is a close-up, happily I had all the supplies on hand when the idea struck. Sometimes it pays to have a craft stash.

Another close-up. She seemed to love it, the perfect pay-off for an afternoon of crafting!


Circe said...

The banner was amazing, and PERFECT in her house! You always know exactly what to give!

Sarah Smiles said...


Steph said...

Oh how cute! Loving the vintage look and the fringe is darling.

love.boxes said...

I think this will be treasured forever :)