Friday, March 11, 2011

Tent City

My kids have always been tent builders. They come from a long line of tent builders, my sister and I were really good at it when we were kids-my mother taught us well. So last week when they asked if they could build one in the basement I'm sure they were pretty sure the answer would be yes. They got busy, built a beauty of a tent and then of course wanted to watch a movie in there. Well, until the cold of the concrete floor seeped into their bones and they came upstairs to finish the movie.
I know one day not too far off they won't want to do this anymore so I am going to enjoy my little tent-builders as long as I can.


vivian said...

ahhh.. the good ole tent days.. inside and outside over the swingset or clothes line. I used to build them when I was a kid and I made sure my kids knew how to build them too. Sort of like making a big cozy nest.
have a great weekend Michele!

Circe said...

Love it! My mom used to let us "turn the furniture upside down" and make forts out of it. Good times!

Diane Duda said...

I forgot how much I missed the tents! Those were the days. :)