Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chair and the Footstool

So I haven't blogged all week because William was out of town and I was feeling the need for a Spring face-lift for the house. The biggest project was recovering the chair in the family room and adding a footstool. This is the finished product. I love this fabric. I would be draped in it all day if I could.
I forgot to take before pictures but this is half way through. That blue fabric is older than everyone in my house combined. Not sure where this chair started life but my grandpa found it sitting at someone's curb on his way home one day and brought it home. He recovered it, my mom then later recovered it and this is at least the third time I have recovered it. Neither my mom or I used that blue fabric so it is OLD!

Found this footstool at the thrift store for $4. We need at least three footstools in our family room. When we watch movies we all need one. Three of us have been sharing the big one but it was just not working.

So this is where I look crazy. This is the footstool almost entirely recovered using hot glue. The only thing I sewed was the piping. I even hemmed it with glue because I had no black thread and it was midnight. Oh, and the plastic tray became the top which I cut the batting to fit and then glued. That way I could more easily cover the top. Needless to say this footstool may not have too long a life span if boys decide to abuse it but they have all been threatened and it will be nice while it lasts.

Finished footstool.

The whole thing together. It makes me happy whenever I walk by.

This chair and footstool were brought to us by Diet Dr. Pepper. Lots of it!


Amanda said...

SOOOO cute! I am trying to get a post of all the fun furniture stuff I have been doing! I LOVE it all! :) Good job!

Jennifer said...

Wow! I love it. And I love that you get your crafting done when your husband's gone. Makes me laugh.