Friday, July 18, 2008

Fishin' in the backyard

Okay, I may have really lost it this time! My kids decided to fill up the wading pool this afternoon. I had to go to Wal-mart. Matthew says to me "wouldn't it be cool to have real fish in the pool Mom?"I laughed and said sure it would. So at Wal-mart I got to thinking and ended up bringing home 4 feeder goldfish and a little net. So my kids have been fishing in the backyard for the last hour. They take turns with the net and see how many fish they can catch before the egg timer runs out.

I know, this is really sort of gross and I honestly cannot believe I let them do this! I may have crossed that fine line between cool/fun Mom and wacko/crazy Lady!

But man they had a lot of fun--until the fish expired one by one and were then treated to an ocean cruise, as my Mother used to say.

So will you all still be my friend or am I too wacko?


A Fanciful Twist said...

LOL. Oh My Goooodness!! Well, I guess those fish had a destiny. To get to fishy heaven by way of happy little children. hee heee... I bet they are having a blast on their cruise!!! ;) XOXO

Queen Elizabeth said...

I think it's precious. You just NEVER know what you're going to do until summer comes along. Desperate times call for desperate measures ;) (Trying to keep kids happy all summer = desperate times!)
And I still ust cannot figure out where you find time to sew. You amaze me!

Circe said...

Yes, I will definitely still be your friend! I think you have to be a little wacko to be a fun mom. Plus, it's better to die of exhaustion if you're a goldfish than to be eaten by a bigger fish. I love it!

vivian said...

hi Michelle! finally I'm trying to get caught up on reading blogs! Yours has just cracked me up.. I got a big kick out of the sacrificial goldfish! I thought it was a great idea for the kids.. but were they upset when the fish died? my son swallowed a live goldfish once when the PRINCIPAL bet him a dollar that he wouldnt! then the principal told me it was worth the dollar to watch him struggle to swallow it!!!!! can you tell that my son may have caused this man some grief that he would get so much enjoyment out of such a rotten stunt? eh.. its a funny story anyways!
love the swimsuit and the skirt! glad youre having a good summer. I sort of miss those old summer days at home with my kids!! we used to make bug houses and do art work and make barbiedoll campers nad miniature skate parks for those little finger size skate boards.. yes, those were the days my friend!
well, stop and visit me soon!