Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bring on the Spring!

Happy, happy weekend! The sun came out and stayed! Which means my kids broke out the chalk and went to town.
Meet Lightning McQueen. Alice in Wonderland

And in honor of our new little cousin born in Texas, Perry Comodore, Perry the Platypus! I love that this is still an activity that Brittany and Matthew will do together.

Because the sun is shining and things are not frozen all the time Grandpa took Matthew to the local fish pond and this is what came home. Well, actually there were two, don't know how the other one got cropped out. I love that my dad is so willing to make great memories with my kids. Now here's hoping the sun decides to stay!

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sws said...

wow! Did you clean and cook that fish??? Impressive. Love that your kids did chalk art today. What a great mom.