Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

Wow, two pictures of me on the blog in a row. Don't know when that last happened(thanks for taking it Jennie)! So Brittany and I had the chance to go to a showing of The Hunger Games Friday morning. My friend Jennie has a neighbor who rents out the theater for new movies like this early the morning after they come out and she invited us. It was a lot more fun than going at midnight in my opinion. I haven't read the books, I just couldn't get over the kids killing each other. And I don't like Post-Apocalyptic stories. But Brittany loved them. I have to admit to doubting my decision to let her read them, I really didn't realize how violent they were. So she kept me apprised of what was happening in the movie if I got lost. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it was much better than the Twilight movies and a really fun morning spent with my favorite girl!


vivian said...

such fun to spend time with our daughters isnt it? probably one of my most favorite things to do! I'm like you and I dont care for those type of stories. they sort of creep me out. But I have heard that the movie was very good. I will probably pass on seeing it until it comes out on dvd.. then if someone brings it over I might see it.
wow.. renting out a whole theater? that cant be cheap!
have a great day!

Jennie said...

I'm glad you guys were able to come and see it. What a great movie! I agree about skipping the midnight showing - too late for me.