Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Last Kid's Room

I had no idea when I redecorated Brittany's room I had no idea what I was started. Remember how I had to do Matthew's for his birthday? Well of course the little guy felt left out and has been asking when I was "remodeling" his room for awhile now. So I have slowly been gathering a few things to change it up in his room a little. This was the before.

This is the after. Forgive the bad photo, I keep forgetting to take a picture until late afternoon when the sun is streaming in. I should be grateful there is sun shining again!

First up was a window treatment. I wish I could convince my husband that this really finishes a room. I have a few more windows that wish they could be treated. Josh wanted a car theme and this is the care fabric that his bed quilt was already made from. I added the checkered flag banner on top. I think I found that on pinterest.

Not sure where I got the name on the wall idea. I painted the chipboard letters. I hot glued them to a board I had made out of cardboard. William had a couple of big pieces they protect the wood he buys with. So the board is three layers of cardboard glued together and then wrapped in the checkered fabric. Josh really likes this part of his room, kids his age love having their names on everything. The round chair in the corner came from walmart it was only $15. The fleece blanket was $3 there too and I appliqued the J on it.
The big car picture was left over from Matthew's room and the monster truck ones came from Hobby Lobby. I used freezer paper on the black pillow on the bed. The lamp on the nightstand is covered in cars I spray painted-more on that later. Yep, that is a happy boy. He like that whiteboard and magnet board behind him too, just like his brother's.

Reading in your new room in your new chair and jammies. Nothing better!


Sarah Smiles said...

Wow! You are an expert room decorator! Josh is so lucky!

Sarah Smiles said...

Wow! You are an expert room decorator! Josh is so lucky!

sws said...

Darling. He is getting so big!

love.boxes said...

AWESOME! A perfect space for Josh!