Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Lamp

This is probably my favorite feature of Josh's new room. The Lamp. I'm not sure how I cooked this idea up. I think it evolved out of a frame I saw on pinterest. It is a thrift store lamp. I covered the shade with the flame fabric I used in his room. Some folding and a lot of hot glue.

But this is the best part. I bought about four boxes of dollar store cars because Josh loves and know each of the ones found in our houses. Plus I kind of liked how they were lighter weight. I used both hot glue and E-6000 to glue them on. I figured the hot glue would hold them in place until the E-6000 dried. I used some nuts and bolts to fill in the gaps. Then I sprayed the whole thing with primer. Then with several coats of red spray paint. It really is one of my very favorite things in his room.


sws said...

so cool! What boy wouldn't love that lamp in their room? love to see all these projects. thanks for sharing!

vivian said...

great lamp idea. oddly enough, I never did much with my kids rooms.. but I will make up for it with my grandkids.. oh yes I will!
have a great day!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Very very cool. You need to put THAT on Pinterest!

Sarah Smiles said...

Very cool idea!

Sarah Smiles said...

Very cool idea!

Jennie said...

What a cute lamp. So cute!