Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Fishing in the Uintas 2012

 This year our annual trip to Park City overlapped Brittany's Girls Camp. I promised to make it up to her, arranged for Grandma to pick her up and we set off with one less kid. It was interesting experience to pretend I was the mother of just boys. I am grateful I am less outnumbered in reality. We did have a good time. First we set off for our day of fishing in the Uintas.  I don't know how many times I have taken this picture of my kids following their dad. I always think it makes such a pretty picture.
 Josh was really excited for the fishing this year. Last year it stayed too wet and we couldn't go fishing. The year before that he was really too little to get into the fishing part of our trip so he was pretty excited to try it this year.  Look how serious he is.
 Matthew caught the first one!
 And the second one.
 Look proof I was actually there! My job was hook baiting. Before my friends who know me in real life die of shock I must add it was just power bait, basically stinky putty. William said it had glitter in it so I should like it. The kids started catching them so fast William took them off the hook, I re-baited them, he cast them out handed the pole to one of the boys and we went round and round like that.
 Josh finally (it was actually about 10 minutes) caught a fish too. Then the race was on to see who would catch more.
Another Matthew picture. They ended up catching 8 fish each which seemed a good stopping place. It was great fun to take them to one of our favorite, beautiful spots. I figured  William and I have been going to that same little lake for almost 20 years. It was one of the first things we did when we were first married because it was cheap. We have been taking the kids off and on since they were big enough to dot he hike with a few skipped years when we had a baby around. It is such a fun family traditions, next year we will be happy to have Brittany back with us!

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Circe said...

I love hearing about all the adventures. See, you have been crafting, if glittery bait counts. did you sculpt it into fun shapes? Great pictures of all your cute boys! :)