Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My obsession with Colored Skinny Jeans

One big item on Brittany's school shopping list this year was colored skinny jeans. The more colors the better. So we did our best Super-Shopper and found a couple of good deals on a couple of pairs. But I have a problem with thinking I can do something for cheaper. So after we had two pair of cute skinnies and I figured I had nothing to lose I started experimenting. I found a pair of white jeans at the thrift store for a couple of dollars. I picked up some purple  rit dye and went to town. I did learn a few things. I tried this again a week later for myself and improved on the process so what I learned is to dye the item in the more water the better. When I did the purple pair I put them in my biggest stainless steel bowl. It wasn't quite big enough and resulted in some uneven areas where the dye pooled. When I did my orange pair  I used a big 5 gallon bucket and they turned out much more uniform. I also added salt to help them keep their color. My cost on each pair was under 5 buck for me and 7 for Brittany. That means she can have a whole rainbow!


Anonymous said...

Mine were not white jeans they were normal and you bleached them white

Eva said...

Nice Collection and the is quite interesting, and the colored skinny jeans is nice. Most of time I would like to worn skinny jeans.