Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hogle Zoo 2012

 For the last three years we have had a great tradition of meeting with some long-time friends. We became friends with the Franks when we lived in Syracuse. Jen and I helped Brittany and Emme become friends when they were practically babies. They were both only children when they started playing together and look at the group of kids we have now!
 They are growing up to be such great young women, I am so proud  of them both.
 The boys. It's good that these boys seem to enjoy the same things. You would never know they usually only  see each other once  year. They had a great time, aren't they cute little birdies?
 Hogle Zoo has a great new habitat for the polar bears this year. It was fantastic! There was a whole glass wall so you could see them below water too. This guy was really putting on a great show!
 Josh liked the little elephant family. The baby is right behind the mother.
Just like their mothers these two girls picked up their friendship right where they left it and chatted the day away. I have visions of them as college roommates someday. Hey, a  mom can dream! I so enjoyed my time visiting with Jen too, we have got to get together more often! So grateful that we can at least count on our annual Hogle Zoo expedition!

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Circe said...

I'm still loving those pictures of the boys in their makeshift hats. You should blow those up and design a room around them! A pufferfish room! I love the zoo...especially the new polar bear area.