Monday, August 06, 2012

Fun at Bear Lake

Days at Bear Lake! One of our favorite places to be! And the big event is always the wave runner. This is Grandpa being sent on his way by Tiff. The grandparents provide such great memories for all of us every year.
This year Grandma was so busy! Here she is teaching the girls how to skip rocks. Did I mention she needs shoulder surgery? Nothing stops grandma from doing something if she wants to, even pain.
Look at those gorgeous clouds and blue sky. The kids were thrilled when we found a spot with a moat already dug. Matthew got right to work improving it.
Look how graceful Josh is!
Tiff and Grandma.
Uncle Nate brought a raft this year and it was alot of fun too. Grandpa pulled the kids all over. Bet he slept really well that night!

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