Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am back!

Well, it was a pretty good trip, I think we have found the house but we are waiting for them to okay the last counter-offer we made last night so I won't jinx it by putting a picture up here, but maybe later today or tomorrow. But, I have gotten some great swap treasures in the mail lately so I thought I would put them up. First I received a fabulous purse from Julie in North Carolina as part of the purse swap I did. It is made from reproduction civil war fabric! I love it! Thank you so much Julie, I only hope you received as fabulous a bag as I did! Then yesterday I received this beautiful hand-painted rose charm from Karla. She was kind enough to swap me a tote because my life was just not going to be complete without one. I have already hung it from a pretty ribbon and am going to wear it today. Thank you so much Karla! Aren't I lucky, This swap thing is really fun, I could easily become an addict I think!


love.boxes said...

Both so darling. Call me about the house. I'm dying to hear about it. :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'm glad you like your charm- I LOVE MY BAG! How generous and kind of you. There are pictures in my post of it.
thanks again!

Amanda Edwards said...

I'm glad your weekend went well. Yay for swapping! those are beautiful. I would do so many more swaps if it weren't for the international postage :(
I missed not seeing new entries in your blog!

Natasha Burns said...

Karla's charms are lovely! i had to have one too!!!