Monday, June 04, 2007

I have the best friends!!

I got together with the best group of girls ever Saturday night. There were about 10 of us and most of us either started elementary school together or became friends while in elementary school. The few that did not hooked up with us in junior high. There is just something wonderful about people who have always known you. I happen to think we are all better friends and probably nicer people than we were growing up, but there is something just so comforting about people who have always known you and you feel quite certain always will. I was going to post a cute picture we took, but I wasn't quite sure how everyone would feel about that so just let me tell you this group of girls is lovelier than they were in high school, really, I am not just kissing up. They are all gorgeous. And I love them. And I am going to miss them SOOOO MUCH!!! But they were wonderful and made the extra effort to get together one last time before I move and I know it wasn't easy because it was the weekend school got out and there were a lot of family functions. We had a great time at our friend Circe's house, who is always ready for a party, even if, as on this occasion, her hubby is out of town and she is home alone with her five kids. It was great and I really apprecitated it. AND I got a few treasures to! You know I can just never hide how much I love getting presents! Tiff from loveboxes gave me another box, and trust me I will never ever have enough of those. When I got home my Brittany said"Mom do you think Tiffany will send us boxes in California?" I can only hope! Look how lovely it is! I also receive a fabulous frame that I think I will be putting my new print from Natasha in and great music from the Mormon Tabernacle choir to help me think of Utah. I really do have the best friends and I only hope the rest of them will start blogging so I can take them with me!


love.boxes said...

Did we not have the most marvelous time?!?! I am NOT saying goodbye. Since we have the blogs, we will talk everyday. :)

michelle said...

you bet your booty we will!!