Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cafe Rio Chicken

Something yummy!

Okay, this recipe has several things going for it. First you make it in a crock-pot, that is always a perk with me as I always seem to have more time to make dinner before noon. Second it makes a ton of chicken so I like to eat it all week long. And third because I do like to eat it all week it is nice that you can make it into different things. I like it best as a taco salad, but it is also yummy as nachos or tacos. I got this recipe from my friend Jen and she called it Cafe Rio chicken, not sure how accurate or not that is, but it is yummy. So here it is.

In a crock pot add about four chicken breasts,they can be boneless or not. Mix together: one bottle of zesty italian dressing 1T cumin

1Tchili powder 3cloves chopped garlic

Pour this over the chicken and cook on low about 4 hours. Then shred meat with a fork and stir. Roast another hour. You are ready to make,tacos, salad or nachos.

My friend also gave me this dressing for a yummy dressing. In a blender you add:

2 tomatillos half a handful of cilantro 1clove garlic

1lime juiced 1jalepenio(I do it without the seeds because I am wimpy)

1sm package of buttermilk ranch dressing prepared as directed. Hit the blender and it is ready! I really love this dressing when Imake mine into salad or nachos. It really is more yummy than my picture looks! Oh, and when I made it last week I didn't have the ingredients for the dressing, this is just good old ranch with a handful of corn chips thrown in. The real dressing is a lovely shade of green.


Janice said...

That looks WONDERFUL! Thanks.

camille said...

Yum, I think I will give this a try. It sounds great and I always love something I can throw into the crock pot.