Monday, June 04, 2007

It has been a great mail week at my house!
Look at my treasures! I finally broke down and ordered one of Natasha's prints. I LOVE it! This picture doesn't do it justice! It is going to go in Brittany's room in the new house if I can bear to part with it. And I bought some jewelry I love. Missficklemedia has a great etsy shop and I have to say her things are not just reasonable, they are Cheap! I bought that big charm for my sister and had a hard time letting it go. But I kept that cute little bird and great ring for myself. And they came all wrapped up cute. Oh! and I received two of my atc swapping cards, I'll have to show you those next time!


love.boxes said...

Those things are all so lovely! :) Natasha, if you read this, that is one of my favorite paintings of yours, it's simply gorgeous. :) said...

Yep, that first paragraph you have there sums it up, doesn't it? thanks for the comments, I agree about the cobwebs!

Natasha does beautiful work doesn't she? that is a nice one!

I have your charm in the mail, thanks

Amanda Edwards said...

I love the jewellery, esp. the ring. so fun! i don't have the means to buy such beautiful credit card..altho that is probably for the best! I'm off to check the letter box now looking for my bag!

Vanessa V said...

Your kids aar unreal! Oh my goodness! I want to squeeze them all, and say "Hi kids, HIiiii!" What darlings! Oh, and all your treasures! Yummmyyyy.xxxooo

Natasha Burns said...

Thanks Michelle, glad you like your print!

Your jewelry is gorgeous, love the packaging too, so sweet, that tag is so pretty!!!

Natasha : )