Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Have a Cookie!

This is just a little quickie post, I am spending the day getting ready for a dinner for the ladies at church (Enrichment night for my LDS friends) so I am a bit crazy. But my pizelle cookies for tonight looked so cute on the plate I had to snap their picture. This has become the standard of good food around here. My husband says you know we are getting something good to eat if I pull out the camera before it is served! Sad but true! So go ahead, have one of these yummy, crispy cookies. I have had more than a couple, they are so addicting!


quiltdude said...

They are beautiful, how clever are you.
X Clare

KKJD1 said...

Yum the look delish!
blessings, karen

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Yummm, they are my favorites!

The portraits of the kids are adorable!!!

Rachel said...

They look so good. Smiles again